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1890 Silver Cross Blvd. #255 New Lenox IL 60451

27 W 130 Roosevelt Rd.
#2E, Winfield, IL 60190


8:30 am - 5:00 pm Monday- Friday

After hours Always Available by appointment

After Hours Available By Appointment

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Ankle-Foot Orthosis (AFO)

Foot Drop &  Treatment Options

Foot drop is a common ailment that is in fact much more common than most people realize. It can be brought about by many medical conditions as a secondary symptom. It can be brought about by something as minimal as fatigue or something as serious as traumatic brain injuries. When people have certain brain injuries, it can often cause a problem with foot drop as result.  The body obviously can lose its capacity to function on certain levels and your ability to walk normally often times is hampered due to a brain injury.  This is unfortunate, but it is true.

When a person has a foot drop, walking becomes more difficult. The muscles that pull the foot up can become disabled and this may cause the toe to drag.  This can lead to falls and injuries, as well as slower walking speed and a person’s decision to ambulate less often.

**If you do not want to be controlled by your walking problems, check this link out.  It has two videos that show people who have overcome many of their walking problems with the use of a special device called an AFO / Ankle Foot orthosis : https://rinella-op.com/foot-drop-brace-afo-kafo/

Compensatory Gait Mechanisms

A result of a foot drop is that people have problems with their normal walking gait and, thus, they may be unable to clear their feet from each other when they take a stride.  Compensatory gait mechanisms are typically going to be some kind of temporary measure that is being taken to help the person walk until they can heal or find a walking aid. The other kind of common problem people have is with high steps.  Like for example, they bring their knee up high with each step so their foot does not drag as they clear their limb.  This is traditionally known as “high steppage gait”.  There are some others, but high steppage gait is very common compensatory gait mechanism.

Why Canes Are Not The Best Walking Aid

People many times will walk using a cane or something that is held in the hand. This is something that you have to fold and, unfortunately, it is often an obvious sign of a disability. Other people, with perhaps more knowledge of walking aids, decide to use an AFO.  It is a handless device that can help you walk more readily, with more speed and balance.


These are a type of brace that helps people to walk properly. It helps them in multiple ways. It helps lift the foot up when they are walking. It is usually placed inside of a shoe when a person is going to use it. Not only can it be lifted but there is also side by side stability provided. The other great part of it is people won’t typically know you have one unless you start talking about it because they can easily fit underneath your pant leg.

To see some great videos of AFOs in action, click here : https://rinella-op.com/foot-drop-brace-afo-kafo/

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