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1890 Silver Cross Blvd. #255 New Lenox IL 60451

27 W 130 Roosevelt Rd.
#2E, Winfield, IL 60190


8:30 am - 5:00 pm Monday- Friday

After hours Always Available by appointment

After Hours Available By Appointment

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Ankle Foot Orthosis Education – AFO Information

Finding a Leg Brace

Are you in need of a leg brace?

We do want to talk with you a little about what the term : Leg Brace, really means.  To be honest it is a bit of a generic term that many people use to talk about AFOs or an ankle foot orthosis.

**To see one of these leg braces in action click on this link (we have 2 very effective videos in store for you) : https://rinella-op.com/foot-drop-brace-afo-kafo/

An Ankle Foot Orthosis is a special brace that can help people who are suffering from gait deviation to improve their walk. AFOs are actually a common tool that people use to walk faster, improve their walking speed and improve their balance as well.   You can speak with a licensed orthotist in your local area about the different types of AFOs and which is best for you.

Working With A Brace Professional

One of the nicest aspects about working with a professional is that you have someone accustomed to handling insurance companies on your side. What does this mean for you as the patient? It means that your brace (whether for your foot or ankle or knee) can be entirely covered by your insurance plan. This saves you quite a bit of money. If you search for a generic brace on the internet you will not get one custom fitted to your leg nor will your be able to get it covered even partially by your insurance company.

Orthopaedic Brace Provider

So where can you find a quality orthopaedic brace provider?

You can start with a generic search engine and combine your city name or area code with the key words “leg brace”. This will provide you with a list of practitioners in your area. Once you find an orthosis that is near your area it is time to set up that first meeting to get your leg brace. If you are meeting with a brace specialist there are a few questions they may ask you as the patient(s).  They may ask you if :

  1. Your toe drags when you walk
  2. Your foot ever turns inward as a result of your diagnosis
  3. You quickly get tired because of your gait deviation
  4. You have diabetes
  5. You have a history of skin problems such as sore
  6. Your knee ever snaps backward when you walk
  7. Your knee ever buckles when you try and walk
  8. You have ever fallen because of your particular gait deviation.

Once these questions are asked they will conduct a muscle test and take an impression of your affected area in order to create your custom brace.  This level of depth of questioning and an over all visit with you will help you get the best brace possible for your foot drop or other walking problem.

To watch some very useful videos on how AFOs have helped people, check out this link : https://rinella-op.com/foot-drop-brace-afo-kafo/

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