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1890 Silver Cross Blvd. #255 New Lenox IL 60451

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#2E, Winfield, IL 60190


8:30 am - 5:00 pm Monday- Friday

After hours Always Available by appointment

After Hours Available By Appointment

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Ankle Foot Orthosis Pros and Cons

What have you heard about AFOs?

Good things? Or, bad things?

Want to know what the pros and cons are?

We will discuss them here.  – Actually, we want to show you a couple videos of AFOs first.  Once you have watched them, you can also come back here and compare the testimonials to the information we have created in this article.  To watch the testimonials, click here : https://rinella-op.com/foot-drop-brace-afo-kafo/

We will actually start with the Cons, if you don’t mind…

AFO “Cons”

1.) It is something you have to wear on your leg (foot, ankle calf). – Some people do not mind this, but on occasion other people do.  It is something you have to use to benefit from, that is just the bottom line.

2.) If someone is very weak, in general terms, they might think that the brace is heavy.  – We have heard people say this, every blue moon, even if brace weighs less than 1/3 lbs.

3.) It makes driving more difficult.  – Yes, precautions have to be taken when it comes to AFOs and driving.  Let’s be real here. Why? Well, first off the brace is made for walking primarily.  Secondly, if you want to push your foot down (plantarflex) then it is not going to happen at the foot while you are driving with an AFO.  Perhaps you could “push down” on the petal with a force coming from your hip instead of your ankle, but that is something to clear with your doctor before you drive with an AFO on your right foot.  * Let’s repeat that, clear driving with your doctor, with respect to AFOs (ankle foot orthoses).

4.) You have to find shoes to wear it in, when your foot is on the ground.  – This might be a problem for those people with very picky shoe choice considerations.  Otherwise, most people find a good shoe to make it work.  Often times these very same people do not have to go to the shoe store, because usually in their closet can work with the AFO.

AFO “Pros” – Yes, There Are Many

1.) You no longer have to hold your foot up consciously when you walk.  – The brace does it for you. GREAT!

2.) Your side to side ankle stability increases (with a solid or prearticulated AFO).

3.) Your walking speed increases.

4.) Your balance increases.

5.) Your rate of falls decreases.

6.) Your energy expenditure while walking decreases.

7.) Your knee stability increases.

8.) It is a handless walking aid, unlike that of its ugly cousin, the “walking cane”.

** We really think you should check out the videos.  Why? Well, its one thing for us to rattle off pros and cons, but it is another thing when a person comes into your office and brags about the AFO they just got.  That is what we prefer.  We like it when our patients do the talking, instead of us.  – We hope this helps you and let us know if you have any questions about AFOs.

Here is the link : https://rinella-op.com/foot-drop-brace-afo-kafo/


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