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1890 Silver Cross Blvd. #255 New Lenox IL 60451

27 W 130 Roosevelt Rd.
#2E, Winfield, IL 60190


8:30 am - 5:00 pm Monday- Friday

After hours Always Available by appointment

After Hours Available By Appointment

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Back Brace – Rinella Orthotics, Inc.

Are you looking for a back brace?

Such as a TLSO, LSO or other lower back support?  – There are many kinds to choose from.

Rinella Orthotics, Inc. (815-717-8970) specializes in the provision of custom and prefabricated spinal orthoses.   The term spinal orthoses is something that a medical professional uses to describe back braces.  The reason why medical professionals call them spinal orthoses is because they know the difference between what can be found in the store and what can be provided by a professional.  Trust us, there is a difference.

Somethings you just should definitely not by online.  Spinal orthoses are on the list.  Right next to buying a house or call online…

Many of our patients will come in to our office and say that they knew they need a back brace to either help reduce pain or help improve a posture problem.  As a result, in the age of “google”, many of us turn to the internet.  However, the problem is that their are many different styles of back braces and getting something online that “looks good” without really knowing about it can cost you!  Unfortunately, all of this is done in the name of saving money, but in the end many of our patients tell us that they tried to go online and things back fired.  When people go online and get a back brace and then they realized they “goofed”, the next thing they will do is ask their doctor who a professional in the area would be to correct the problem they are facing.   That is how many people find Rinella Orthotics, Inc.  We can either help fix your current struggles with getting the wrong brace online, or we can provide you with the correct one the first time around.

The problem with what you can find online is that people can easily be swayed by the “sizzle” of what the advertisement looks like. But in the end when they have to put the brace on independently, a percon can struggle with an “internet brace”.  You will definitely appreciate this  if you have gone through this process.

If you live or work in Naperville or Bolingbrook, IL give us a call.  815-717-8970. We make and provide more than just back braces and we can help you with foot orthotics, leg or knee braces and the list goes on!  Rinella Orthotics, Inc has a professional staff and our practioners are ABC certified and Illinois licensed.  No online website store can make this claim and this is how you will benefit.  Our experience can help you.

Also, check out our other testimonials.  They will show you how our other brace patients have benefited from the support we can provide.  https://rinella-op.com/video-testimonials/

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