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1890 Silver Cross Blvd. #255 New Lenox IL 60451

27 W 130 Roosevelt Rd.
#2E, Winfield, IL 60190


8:30 am - 5:00 pm Monday- Friday

After hours Always Available by appointment

After Hours Available By Appointment

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Compression Stockings With & Without Zippers – Rinella Orthotics, Inc.


Compression stockings with zippers exist.  – Just think about the possibilities there!

There are times when patients struggle with the application of stockings for one of two reasons :

A.) Their hand strength is weak and they struggle to pull up a pair of stockings

B.) Or, sometimes people struggle to  get down to their feet / bend over to apply regular stockings.

This is a very real problem for people and fortunately there is another way to approach the issue for patients with edema.  Compression stockings that have zippers can help solve this issue.   Instead of struggling with hand weakness or the ability to bend over to apply stockings, zippers make the scenario more manageable.

Typically, in our experience, compression stockings with zippers are custom made.  We are seeing some brands though come out with prefabricated zipper stockings.  Getting custom compression garments is accomplished by visiting a professional.  They can  take a series of custom measurements of your legs.  The stockings can either be calf high (other wise known as BK, or below knee), or thigh high (otherwise known as AK, or above knee) in most cases.  However, a qualified professional can literally make you any compression garment you need.  This can include waist high garments, and higher, or they can make you a compression vest etc.

There are times when insurance can pay for the entire cost of compression stockings, whether they are custom or not.  Or, whether they incorporate zippers or not.  This is not a guarantee that this is always the case though.  We can tell you right now, some insurance companies reject them across the board.  So, as a result, the best thing you can do is ask your medical professional (usually an orthotist) to do a check with your insurance company to get a list of benefits.  Initially, one of the best things that they can tell you is what the insurance company tells the orthotist.

Typically, we find that what is told us by an insurance company, when we check patients benefits is typically what happens in the future.  For example, if they say they do not cover stockings then this is typically true, or if there is an eighty percent coverage then this follows through in the future.  However, sometimes patients will ask us to get it in writing to make sure that the insurance company will pay (or not).  This can take up to 3 weeks to get feedback in writing that we can give to patients.

If you need custom compression stockings and you live in Illinois, then give us a call 815-717-8970.

Also, feel free to check out our testimonial section.   https://rinella-op.com/video-testimonials/


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