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1890 Silver Cross Blvd. #255 New Lenox IL 60451

27 W 130 Roosevelt Rd.
#2E, Winfield, IL 60190


8:30 am - 5:00 pm Monday- Friday

After hours Always Available by appointment

After Hours Available By Appointment

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Custom Carbon Fiber Ankle Foot Orthosis – AFO

Carbon Fiber Foot Drop Brace

If you have a problem with foot drop, it can ultimately be due to a number of different conditions. One of the most common among these is stroke. This is why people can suffer physical setbacks, such as foot drop.  What does foot drop mean? – Basically, a person becomes unable to clear their limb easily when they are walking. This is caused because a person can’t lift their toes  when they are taking a stride.

Tools To Combat Foot Drop

Walking “leg braces” exist to help a person eliminate foot drop when they walk.   These leg braces are more technical referred to as an “ankle foot orthosis” or an AFO.  The term AFO is typically an acronym that people use to describes these handless walking aids. AFOs are substantial walking aids, typically worn in a shoe when the foot is touching the ground.

* To check out the benefits of an AFO and see how they can help a person with foot drop walk click here : https://rinella-op.com/foot-drop-brace-afo-kafo/

Carbon Fiber vs. Plastic AFOs

When talking about carbon fiber AFOs, most people like them because they are light weight braces that are more thin that traditional AFOs as well. They have strength and rigidity while trying to be less bulky for the patient. However, many people of the  like plastic AFOs  because there is a choice of color.

Working with a Professional for your Customized Carbon Fiber Brace

It is extremely important that a person gets a carbon fiber AFO through  a professional who specializes in the creation and provision of braces.  These individuals are known as orthotists.  An orthotist will take an impression of the foot and the leg so that the AFO nearly perfectly.  It is possible to make these carbon fiber AFOs for patients and you to do this you will want to contact either Rinella Orthotics, Inc or an orthotist closest to your home.

Insurance and The Costs of Braces

If you decide that you need to have a brace billed to your personal insurance, it will generally have to be fit by some medical professional. A lot of times these are covered by insurance. This can be either most of the cost or the entire cost. This is one reason why some professionals in your area are better to see than Internet sources. Websites walking aids, such as AFOs, should not be billed to insurance unless they are doing a direct fit on you for your brace in the state in which you live.

** To watch some videos that illustrate the benefits of AFOs, click on this link : https://rinella-op.com/foot-drop-brace-afo-kafo/

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