Why You Can Trust Rinella Orthotics & Prosthetics, Inc. For Upper Extremity Bracing

Upper limb orthotic treatment is needed often times for contracture management, spasticity and/or injury to a wrist, hand, forearm, arm or elbow or shoulder. However, you came to need the use of an upper extremity orthosis, Rinella Orthotics & Prosthetics, Inc. has the experience to provide you with the care you need. We can custom make you a brace / orthosis or we have many off the shelf / prefabricated items to choose from.

Excellent orthotic & prosthetic treatment is a company priority. If you have ideas you want to share regarding your treatment, please do so. If you want us to work with other members of your medical team to find the best option for you, then we are also willing to go the extra mile in this regard as well.


Wrist and Hand Braces

  • Wrist Hand Orthosis

    Hand and wrist joints can need stabilization due to an injury, spasticity or for contracture management as previously mentioned. A custom WHO can be fabricated and provided to patients in a two part visit. These orthoses can be made from plastic, metal canvas or a combination of the three.

  • Wrist Cock-Up Splint

    Wrist Cock Up Splint

    The brace is designed to help stop wrist flexion. This is accomplished by incorporating a metal stay on the palmar surface of the brace that helps to prevent flexion. These supports can be used for individuals that suffer from carpal tunnel symptoms or for those people that need to have support in order to prevent a flexion contracture, for example. Typically, these braes are made from a soft outer material like canvas, or perhaps neoprene. As stated earlier, the metal stay is embedded into the under aspect of the brace to stop the wrist from curling downward.

  • Resting Hand Orthosis

    Resting Hand Orthosis

    When an individual’s wrist, hand and fingers start to curl involuntarily, there can be a need for the use of a brace called a “resting hand orthosis” or a “resting hand splint”. These braces can be made of plastic, or a bendable metal that can also have an outer surface of fabric for cushioning purposes. This brace is designed to go on the palmar surface of someone’s wrist, hand and fingers in order to provide motion control and support.


Arm, Shoulder and Elbow Braces

  • Ulnar or Humeral Fracture Brace

    Ulnar and/or Humeral Fracture Brace

    A clamshell type of brace (orthosis) that is used to help an individual heal after they have fractured their forearm or arm. It can be worn as a protective device in order to help stop foreign objects from coming into contact with the injured arm or forearm. The orthosis also provides compression to the soft tissue around an injury. When done correctly, by a medical professional, this can help to promote healing of a fracture as well.

  • Shoulder Abduction Restraint

    Shoulder Abduction Restraint

    The purpose of a should abduction restraint is to help limit motions that can cause recurrent should dislocations. This particular orthosis can be made of black canvas and neoprene.

  • Elbow Splint

    Elbow Brace / Splint

    A brace of this kind can allow varying degrees of motion at the elbow joint. This will help a patient to heal after an injury or surgery that can involve the elbow and the anatomical structures that are associated with it. If a person has arthritis, or spasticity, this orthosis can also be used in the effort to control excessive motion and provide support.

  • Figure of Eight

    Figure of Eight Brace (harness)

    Fractures and injuries related to the collar bone can be conservatively treated with this brace. This clavical support can help to promote healing.

  • Shoulder Immobilizer

    Arm and Shoulder Immobilizer

    An arm and shoulder immobilizer can be used to help support and restrict motion at the shoulder and arm. The basic function of the brace is to prevent motions that can further your injury level.